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FIELD STUDY (Experience the Teaching Learning Process)


Experience the Teaching Learning Process

Episode 1 Learning Characteristics and Behavior

Name of FS Student: Achie Ryan Cutanda Course: BTTE-IV

Cooperating School: Agusan National High School Address: Agusan, Cagayan de Oro

Date of Visit August 10, 2010 Subject Physics Year Level IV-EARTH

Resource Teacher: Marlon A. Dagatan Signature: _____________

Objectives: At the end of the activity the student should be able to:

a. identify the learners characteristics

b. describe the behavior of the student

c. identify the causes of such behavior

d. give insights on what has been observed


1. What are some of the observable characteristics of the learner? What are their needs?

Some of the observable characteristics of their and their needs:

Learner’s Characteristics

Learner’s Needs


Teacher’s more elaboration on the subject matters.


Teacher’s encouragement on group activity.


Teacher’s drafting and demonstration on the advice topic; particularly in an images.


Teacher’s promotion on personal panel discussion among the groups of learners.


Teacher’s creation on pleased and nice topic or subjects and self-experience which is integrated to the subject tackled.


Teacher’s formation of self activity among the learners.


Teacher’s Stressing on the sleeping learners, and gets the attention of the students to attain the class discussion.

2. Describe the behavior of the students. Why did they demonstrate such behavior?

The behaviors of the students as shown above were majority of them are participating attentively in a class discussions while few students were sleeping in the class. The students demonstrate such behavior because of the feature that will serves as factors in amplifying the acquired learning and the factors affecting learning.

3. What was the teacher’s behavior? If you were the teacher, what could you have done?

Learners’ Behavior

Probable Cause

Teachers’ Behavior


1. Actively Participating the class discussions.

The learners were ready and study lesson in advance.

Reviewing the previous lessons and demonstration of the new topic in the class

The teacher’s teaching strategies were good; so he should continue and improve his teaching strategies.

2. Watching other classmates and talking to its others.

The learners might ask his classmate’s notes of just simply talking.

Keeping on discussing but increase the volume his voice to get their attention.

The teacher should call the attention of his students so that his students must be attained in his lessons.

3. Answering the questions of the teacher immediately.

The learners were familiar and had adequate knowledge in the said topic.

The teacher is keeping on asking his students with analytical questions and asking also the learners’ opinion.

The teacher-student interaction is of the great aid in the learners’ acquisition of knowledge.

4. Few of the students had been fell asleep

One of the students have headache while the others had get irritated by too much light from the outside of the classroom.

The teacher called the attention of the students who fell asleep; and asking the students why he/she fell asleep during discussion.

The teacher’s approach to the sleepy students was good; and as my self I should follow his method of approach.

4. Write down your insights on what you have observed.

The strategies of teaching used by the teacher were excellent and pleasant for the learner’s. The teacher used exercises-problem solving when letting the students to solve the problem analytically and demonstrate the answer on the board of how the students got his/her answer, so that the students’ should obtain and make their own methods in solving the problem.

I should follow or imitate the teaching strategies of the Mr. Dagatan; and processing and improving some of his lapses in disciplining the students (e.g. keeping on discussing while other students were sleeping.)

The individual differences of an individual and dealing with it are my primary acquired knowledge in observing class discussion. The other paradigms in which I am also gaining some factual and important information are:

· Good teachers will have a products of good learners

· Good teaching strategies can turn out yield of good learners

· Motivation can boast the curiosity of the learners to learn

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